University of Applied Sciences (UAS)

The University of Applied Sciences Jena is one of the town's most important educational institutions.

Cafeteria of the UAS Cafeteria of the UAS

Modern and innovativ

The university, which is part of a network of science and economy known as 'the Cluster Jena', is a modern, transparent educational institution. The university of Applied Sciences awarded to be a 'Selected landmark in the land of Ideas 2007' and being an important partner of the 'town of science 2008', strives for the best teaching, research and working conditions possible.


Many opportunities

The young university offers 32 different courses of study in the fields of engineering, business administration and the social sciences. All courses of study now lead to Bachelor's and Master's degrees. The intensive research and practically oriented education offered by the school provide excellent career prospects.

Worldwide partnerships

The education at UAS Jena includes many student and scientist exchanges. The university collaborates with more than 100 other universities and educational institutions in Germany and beyond. In addition, close collaborations with business enterprises such as Carl Zeiss Jena GmbH, Jenoptik AG and numerous small to medium size companies ensure that the students' final theses retain a foundation in practical application.


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