Childcare in Jena

For children aged 0–6/7, Jena currently has 4,600 childcare places in 57 childcare facilities and 183 places in nurseries.

(Foto: Martin Heinrich) In nurseries, children can be cared for up to their third birthday at the latest.

Children aged 0–2 are given a place in childcare if their parents' education, studies or work means they require daycare. From age two, there is a legal right to childcare in Thuringia.

Registration at the childcare facility in question or via the facility’s maintaining body can take place from the day of the child’s birth. Places in childcare are conferred via the “Kommunale Kindertagesstäten Jena” (Jena communal daycare facilities, KKJ).

For admission into a daycare facility or nursery, children require a valid childcare card (Kita-Karte) issued by the City of Jena at the registration office (Bürgeramt, Löbdergraben 12). For children aged 0–2, proof of the parents’ employment is to be provided.

If parents would like to use childcare when their child is between the ages of 2 and 3, up to €150 of Thuringian early-years child benefit (Erziehungsgeld) is to be transferred to the maintaining body of the childcare institution. Applications for Thuringian child benefit and the transfer agreements are submitted to the social welfare office (Sozialamt).


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