Childcare/childminders in Jena

Children aged below three have a right to daycare if their parents or legal guardians are in employment, take up employment or are in education, or if the support of a daycare centre is required to guarantee the child's wellbeing.

(Foto: Jürgen Scheere) The number of hours depends on individual needs and can vary between 20, 32 or 40 hours a week. The state-owned institution KKJ at Paradiesstraße 3 provides individual advice, allocation of places and monitoring. The application form must be handed in with the daycare card (KITA-Karte). The prerequisite is proof that Jena is the applicant’s main place of residence. The fees are regulated by the City of Jena’s fee schedule for the use of communal children’s daycare facilities. They are charged on a monthly basis and are calculated on the basis of the parents’ monthly income, the number of children entitled to child benefit and the number of hours in childcare.


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