Culture in Jena

Jena’s innovative cultural landscape is just as interesting as the university city’s history.
There are established institutes such as the Jena Philharmonic Orchestra – the largest concert orchestra in Thuringia – the Zeiss planetarium – the world’s oldest planetarium, with state-of-the-art technology, many museums, such as the Phyletisches Museum, Optisches Museum, Stadtmuseum, Romantikerhaus, Schott GlasMuseum, Schillerhaus, the Theaterhaus Jena, Musik- und Kunstschule Jena, Volkshaus, Volksbad and Ernst Abbe library. As well as these, some series of events and festivals have now gained national acceptance, above all the six-week KulturArena, an open-air summer festival in the city centre with theatre, film, children’s events and concerts. Moreover, the Thuringian Jazzmeile, the Lichtbildarena slideshows, the reading marathon, the museums and sciences open nights, and Theater in Bewegung also shine a spotlight on culture in this high-tech city.


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