Literature in Jena

Some resonant names are connected with the history of “literary Jena”, which reaches back more than five centuries. Countless literary personalities, most of whom moved to Jena as students, have left their mark on this city, which has in turn left its traces in the authors’ works.

(Foto: Literature museum Romanticist House) In the last third of the 18th century, the rise of Weimar, the capital of the duchy, to a position as the intellectual centre of Europe was not without an impact on neighbouring Jena. In this classical period, the circle of early Romantic poets became established, at its heart the Schlegel brothers. At the same time, in 1794, Goethe and Schiller struck up a friendship in Jena.

In the 19th century, authors such as H. Hoffman von Fallersleben or G. Herwegh spent time in Jena. K. Marx gained an external doctorate in Jena, and the regional writer W. Treunert sang the city’s praise in his poetry.

Jena has also produced a Nobel prize-winner in literature: Rudolph Eucken. T. Mann, G. Hauptmann, J. R. Becher and R. Huch were here, and the list of literary figures, publishers (including C. F. Frommann, G. Fischer and E. Diederichs) and booksellers could carry on infinitely into the present.


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