Jena, city of music

It was Duchess Anna Amalia who, in 1770, brought into being the “Academic Concert”. Franz Liszt, Hans von Bülow, Clara Wieck and Joseph Joachim, a friend of Brahms, to name but some, excelled as soloists here.

Kulturarena Kulturarena When the City Symphony Orchestra was founded in 1934, it marked a new chapter in the history of music. Today, the Jena Philharmonic Orchestra, with its three choirs, is the largest cultural institution in the city of Jena.

It would also be one-sided to see Jena as a city of music without taking into account church music and the countless amateur choirs in the church parishes, Jena’s city districts and in schools. At the university, too, choir life flourishes with the student choir, its roots in the tradition of the Academy for Song, going back more than 100 years – not to forget the Academic Orchestra Association.

One indication of the love of music-making in this city on the Saale is its instrumental ensembles such as the Carl Zeiss Jena e.V. symphony orchestra.

The term “Jena, city of music” also brings to mind the KulturArena, the Jazzmeile or the Irish Days.

The School of Music and Art (Musik- und Kunstschule), which today has about 2,000 students, is the largest, but not the only institution for teaching up-and-coming musicians.


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