Emergency phone numbers / services in Jena

Please always describe:

What has happened?
Where did it happen?
Who is reporting it?
How many are injured?

Wait for further questions from the control centre.

Fire department: tel. 112
Jena police inspectorate: tel. 03641 81-0
Accident, life-threatening circumstances, fire, disaster: tel. 112
Emergency medical services (daily 7 pm – 7 am, Wednesdays and Fridays from 1 pm, all day at the weekends) tel. 03641 5976-31)
Ambulance service: tel. 03641 5976-30
Information about doctors on call and out-of-hours pharmacies (chemists): tel. 03641 5976-20
Technical assistance: opening and locking doors (if you cannot get through to your locksmith service), burst water pipes / pumping out cellars, securing doors and windows (e.g. after break-ins), animal rescue / dead animal removal, information and arrangement of other services via the control centre: tel. 03641 404-0


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