Jena – a city in the countryside

Surrounded by wooded hills and cliffs, Jena flourishes in its remarkably beautiful location. Its woods, parks and garden plots make Jena a green city, and the urban areas have plenty of green havens. In the city centre, for example, one enticing location is the Botanical Gardens, once created at the suggestion of Wolfgang von Goethe. The centrally located Jenaer Paradies park is also very popular: the pasture landscape of the city park winds along the river Saale and is a recreation ground, a haven for people to spend their free time, and a popular destination for sports enthusiasts.

SCHOTT Glass Museum SCHOTT Glass Museum (Foto: SCHOTT Glass Museum)

A high-tech city with a rich tradition

At the same time, Jena is home to many renowned companies whose reputations extend well beyond the Saale valley: ZEISS, JENOPTIK, SCHOTT Jenaer Glas and Jenapharm are traditionally rooted in this economic region; they created and developed it and, with what were then visionary technologies, made it attractive for new high-tech companies. Jobs for the highly qualified, cooperative ventures across the world, an industrial export figure of more than 40%, well-developed infrastructures and growing economic potential are what give Jena its reputation as a high-tech location.

Perfect infrastructure

Thanks to its direct motorway and express train connection, its location in the centre of Germany and the many nearby airports, Jena is known for its close city connections in two senses – on one hand, almost everywhere in the city can be reached on foot, on the other, science and industry are extremely closely linked in Jena – but Berlin, Leipzig and Dresden are also “just round the corner”.


Jena's nightlife

Jena has many unforgettable cafés, pubs and restaurants offering local and international specialities. Wagnergasse, with its street café flair, is particularly popular, but Jena’s nightlife is also a major magnet, with its many bars, pubs and clubs.

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