Message from the Lord Mayor

People who have got to know our city in person always go into raptures: there is hardly any other place where a future-driven economy, state-of-the-art research institutes, a 450-year-old university, a wealth of culture, a high standard of living and a beautiful landscape complement one another so well as in JENA, the City of Light.

Light has long had a determining influence on our city – not just thanks to intellectual giants such as Schiller, Hegel or Abbe. In Jena, light inspired the world-famous companies ZEISS and SCHOTT, led to the development of the planetariums and has established itself as a state-of-the-art tool for futurology work at the “Optical Valley”. Thus, the title it won in 2008 made Jena what it has always been: City of Science 2008.
With our website we would like to give you, dear visitors, a broad overview of our city. We would be very pleased if this “virtual stroll” through Jena entices you to visit our city in person.

Yours, Dr. Albrecht Schröter

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