450 years of university tradition

Since the university, then the Hohe Schule, was founded in 1548, Jena has been a student city.

Campus in the city centre Campus in the city centre While in 1989 there were still fewer than 5,000, today, the roughly 20,000 students at the university and the almost 5,000 students of the University of Applied Sciences are a feature of the city that cannot be overlooked. Yet it is not only its student traditions which make people decide to study in Jena: instead, they appreciate the excellent courses there, oriented both towards research and practical application.
Student working with an optical instrument Student working with an optical instrument

Successful networks

Since the university was founded, there have been close links in Jena between science and business. This recipe for success is what made the Friedrich Schiller University one of the largest and most interesting universities in Germany as far back as around 1800: because intellectual greats such as Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel and Friedrich Schiller attracted “bright sparks”. The university underwent a second golden age in the second half of the 19th century, when Ernst Abbe, Otto Schott and Carl Zeiss laid the foundation stone for Jena as it is currently known: as a famous industrial location, and created something known as a “public-private partnership”. For these successful entrepreneurs never forgot their roots, and provided intensive support for science in Jena. The work of this trio set off the successful symbiosis of science and business that is today so characteristic of Jena.
The closely-linked research network and the many interdisciplinary projects are aspects of the secret formula behind the revival of this city on the Saale. Other aspects are the fact that everything is within easy reach and the institutes of education are linked to research and business. The many companies and scientific institutes which have settled here since 1990 maintain close contacts to the University of Jena and to the University of Applied Sciences, founded in 1991. Start-ups are supported by both universities, as is scientific contact between the institutions.
University library University library

Prepared for the future

Jena’s universities are extremely well-prepared for the future. This is not only limited to new or renovated buildings, a vibrant research environment and teaching climate. It also includes the fact that they support internationality and are family-friendly. This is the only way to ensure students produce the performance the universities expect of them. We want to bring budding “bright sparks” to Jena and help them blossom.


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