Jena – a paradise for students

It is not only the excellent conditions for students which put Jena ahead: life in the city on the Saale is great in many other ways.

Kulturarena at night Kulturarena at night

Top-quality nightlife

When lectures are over, there is no need for any of Jena’s 26,000 students to get bored. Some cultural highlights include major events such as the KulturArena, numerous art exhibitions and avant-garde theatre. Film buffs will soon find their place – their seat – at one of the four cinemas, whether they like blockbusters or auteur films. The wide range of student clubs and nightclubs provide fun at all hours.
Volleyball tournament Volleyball tournament

Enjoy your spare time actively

As a city of sports, Jena has an excellent choice of activities. The universities offer a wide spectrum of university sports courses. Water babies will feel at home in one of the four swimming pools. A beach bar and a beach with white Baltic Sea sand at the Schleichersee open-air pool evoke a holiday atmosphere. Jena’s picturesque surroundings and its situation on the Saale provide sports enthusiasts with the perfect setting for cycle tours, hiking and canoeing.
At the canteen At the canteen

Culinary diversity

It’s no good studying on a full stomach, or an empty one either. The three canteens run by the student administration ensure that the students are well fed at a reasonable price, whether at breakfast or lunch. Even on Saturdays, no-one has to cook for themselves. The many cosy cafés, pubs and restaurants in and around Wagnergasse are an enticing place to enjoy even more culinary delights.
Johnnisstraße near JenTower Johnnisstraße near JenTower

Shop in style

With t-shirts and accessories from the campus shop, students can show where they belong: to the Friedrich Schiller University. Modern, exclusive shopping, e.g. in the Goethe Galerie and the “neue mitte” shopping arcade at the 159m high JenTower make shopping in Jena an experience to remember. The many specialist shops and boutiques in the city centre are an enticing place to browse, as is the historical marketplace where traders display culinary delicacies and craftswork.
Zeiss Planetarium Zeiss Planetarium

Discover the city together

A visit from your nearest and dearest? Great: Jena is an excellent destination for friends and family, too. There is such a wide range of accommodation in all price classes that no-one will have to sleep on the couch. The tourist information centre will help you find accommodation. Jena and its surroundings offer many enticing sights such as the Zeiss Planetarium, the Botanical Gardens, the Dornburg castles or the Classicist town of Weimar.


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