Jena’s art collection

The city’s art collection, which is attached to the Jena City Museum, has an ever changing exhibition program following a long tradition of presenting and discussing Contemporary Art in this university town.

Continuously, the artistic heritage of Jena

will be made available to visitors with special exhibitions of modern classical art. These very popular exhibitions are based on historical models of ambitious exhibitions and collecting activities of the Jena citizenry in the early 20th Century.

In exhibitions of international Contemporary Art

in recent years with well known artists such as Joel-Peter Witkin (USA), Per Kirkeby (DK), Sally Mann (USA) or Markus Lüpertz, numerous exhibitions have also included young new artists. In the field of classical modern art, the works of Auguste Rodin, Emile Nolde, the artist group "Brücke", August Macke / Cuno Amiet, the collection of French paintings from the "Petit Palais" and Wassily Kandinsky have been presented in major exhibitions to the public.

Accompanying the exhibition,

the art collection of Jena regularly releases publications and provides guests with a comprehensive program and guidance program.

The art collection of the city of Jena

is divided into the areas of paintings, prints, sculptures, art objects and includes nearly 5,000 works. The collection focuses on the art forms of the 20th Century, from classic modern with a large collection of art from the GDR to national and international contemporary art.


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