Technical monument "Pelzer workshop"

Historical machine shop

The Pelzer Workshop is the smallest of the municipal museums in Jena. Visitors can marvel at an authentic workshop from the first half of the 20th century. It was in use until its closure for economic reasons in 1992.

History of the workshop

From the company Gebr. Pelzer, who had operated a machine shop since 1828 in Wagnergasse 8, the Company Francis Pelzer was founded in 1908 in Fischergasse 1. The workshop did all repairs needed in the metal industry, for example butcher equipment, pressure and agricultural machinery. Until it closed, the shop often worked together with the Carl Zeiss company in Jena. In addition, the workshop received a patent for a bratwurst grill. After World War II the company went back into operation in 1947. Following the closure of the workshop in 1992 a buyer for the historic rooms was found: JENOPTIK GmbH acquired the building, and transferred it to the City of Jena, which reopened the machine shop in 1993 as a technical monument.

Technical details

The shop, which is still preserved in its original condition, is operated by a transmission system and can be operated with up to six components on a main drive shaft. The water supply of the shop and house was from a well in the courtyard, which was operated by a pump with the help of this transmission system. The transmission is via a flat belt, The material of the original bearing is bronze.


Lathe; JCBraun company, Reichenbach, before 1909 Mechanic lathe around 1909 Milling and drilling machine, vertical, Brown Company, Reichenbach around 1909 Milling and drilling machine, horizontal, company Dreis, Herzig and power, Erfurt, around 1909 Machines and hacksaw, company Wachenfeld and Fallier, Erfurt, in 1909 Workbench with vice, around 1909 fully operational coal heated blacksmith's fire with exhaust hood, 1909,with blacksmith's hammers and tongs, and an anvil Slotting machine, around 1909 and some homemade lathe components from the company Furthermore, the large scale replacement parts and tools from the time of the workshop are available, such as cutting tools, three-and four-jaw chucks and machine accessories. A tour of the workshop is only possible with a tour guide. For reservations please call 03641-498261.

The Pelzer workshop for adults

Guided tours for groups Group tours for adults through the historic workshop. During the tour you will not only learn about an old locksmith's shop from the first half of the 20th Century, but you will also learn interesting and strange things abut old Jena. Time 60-90 minutes Price: 60 € Blacksmithing practice for adults You have always wanted to try blacksmithing? In Pelzer's workshop you have a chance. Under professional guidance, you can try your first blacksmithing attempts in historic surroundings. Duration 90 minutes, max. 10 people Price: 135 €


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