Friedrich Schiller University Jena

The University of Jena is one of the most modern scientific institutions - with scientists who are world-class in their respective fields.

UHG in the city center UHG in the city center

Tradition and innovation

Jena was operating public-private partnerships 100 years ago between science and industry. The university has developed a network of links working with around 250 universities and research institutions worldwide.
It is not just the student tradition that makes Friedrich Schiller University Jena the university of choice, but the high regard in which the practice-orientated courses are held. From amongst these, the courses in physics, psychology, geography, German language and literature, history and medicine have all gained top-ranking from prestigious magazines. The strength of the city as a scientific community is its ability to exceed limits. Scientists adopt innovative methods in research and teaching.
Library Library

Easy access and student well-being

Jena is a close-knit city without borders, be they urban or intellectual; there are even figurative 'shortcuts', thanks to the personal connections between the scientific community, city and business authorities.
The central campus, modern lecture theatre and completely new library are not the only facilities that help to make student life more comfortable. What ever your taste in cuisine, music or art and culture from around the world, Jena brings them all together.


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